Prior to departing

I have yet to depart for my year in Thailand and indeed it is difficult to get into the mentality that I need to be in; namely the one that tells me to crack down on the language and get all those loose ends that come along with a year abroad tied up. This is my second exchange actually, and honestly I feel that I did not get all that I could out of my first one and so have decided to try again. Perhaps it will turn out that I never can get enough out of any place in a year, but I am willing to try and will not dismiss this chance before having given it its due course. Even if it turns out that I am not fulfilled, this time around I know that it will be completely my fault. I will approach Thailand with an open heart and mind and I believe that whatever difficulties are thrown at me, remaining so will work to alleviate the difficulties to my advantage. My main goals are as follows: 
1) Making at least one true friend.
2) Learning the language to a degree of proficiency that allows me to participate in any and all of the daily activities that a normal Thai person my age would encounter. 
I won't discuss my definitions of "true friend" or "normal" here as it could very well be considered as a tangent which has little baring on the subject at hand. This is a pet peeve of mine which I have only recently realized is a trait that I myself possess. I also will not discuss the latter statement.

I sincerely hope that all of you reading this will enjoy the experiences and thoughts that I relate herein. 

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